Recovering a Corrupted DVD Home Movie on a Mac

by Thomas Beutel

I had this one disc of a home movie that I created and burned onto one those cheapo unmarked DVD+R disc – you know the kind that you get at CompUSA in a 100-pack for nothing. Well I discovered that the old adage is true – you get what you paid for. The disc was corrupted in several places, making it unplayable in DVD players and on all the computers that I tried. And I discovered this after I erased my movie project.After casting about for a solution, I was able to find a set of programs that allowed me to save this disc: MacTheRipper to copy the disc, DVD Imager to create a UDF image, and Apple’s Disk Utility to burn the image.MacTheRipper has the ability to rip the data from DVD, even if it has really bad corruption. I was able to save my disk, even though it now has a few spots where the video skips – this is much preferable to not being able to play the DVD at all.