iPhone Euphoria Gives Way To Disappointment

by Thomas Beutel

Now that 24 hours have passed, some commentators have noted that the iPhone will not allow third party apps.It is of course, just a day after the annoucement and 5 months until it actually comes out. But it is interesting to guess why it might remain a closed box, at least in it’s first release.Did Cingular insist it remain closed, out of fear? Telcos and cablecos know their customers are slowly realizing how irrelevant they and their services are. After all, once you and I have a network connection, we can:Get videoGet audioSkypeAccess cool services and content that Telcos could never even think of.Get the idea?Once we pay for access, why would we want or need to pay for all of those expensive services that telcos and cablecos want us to buy from them? Why pay for a smart network when a dumb network saves money and gives us more?The Telcos must already be feeling this. I know more than a few folks who have already canceled their long distance contracts or shutdown their landline in favor of Skype. New Skype phones are making it easy, and more were announced just this week.Cingular CEO Stan Sigman said that he agreed to work with Apple, sight unseen. Perhaps he knows that he didn’t have much of a choice. Changes to the network and the way we users use them are coming. Soon.By the way, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang said, “I hope that we can bring Yahoo! Onesearch to the iPhone”. Did I hear that right? Hope? From a $38B company? What’s the hangup? Who is preventing you?