Scripting News 10th Birthday

by Thomas Beutel

Scripting News will celebrate its 10th birthday on April 1. I’ve always been an avid reader, but the importance of the shift from mainstream news to blogs was really driven home to me on 9/11. Scripting News was the first place that I heard of the attacks. I remember vividly the small surreal picture of the smoking towers that Dave posted that day. As I read his post – at about 9:30 Pacific Time – my first reaction was to be mad at Dave for posting such mean-spirited joke. Just to make sure, I checked, which was not functioning at that point. That’s when the hairs on my back stood up, and I realized it was not a joke.It’s not unusual to learn news first from friends/family/acquaintances. But what hadn’t sunk in until then was that I really was going to Scripting News (and other blogs) first to find out what was really important in this world. Happy 10th Dave!