by Thomas Beutel

Month: May, 2007

MyStore, not MySpace

Apple blocks MySpace in their stores. Too much mooching going on.Is it just me? I would not even think of using a sales display for my personal use.

Apple Investor News is all about AAPL

A great new site came online this week – it’s Apple Investor News. It has a nice clean layout and updates every 15 minutes.It’s amazing how much news flows just about Apple.

HD DVD and Blu-ray

Ah, and I thought that HD DVD and Blu-ray used different keys, but AACS is apparently used on both formats. I stand corrected.

HD DVD Slays Blu Ray With One Masterful Key

Now that HD-DVD’s DRM has been, shall we say, open sourced, I predict that HD-DVD will win over Blu Ray. HD-DVD is now playable on more systems, such as linux.The system with the weaker key wins!Of course, Sony could counter by making it’s Blu Ray key available…