by Thomas Beutel

Month: October, 2007


Is it just me, or do others hear the words “Foot Long” kosaurus in their imagination when they read the word Futalognkosaurus?

Generation Q

Tom Friedman writes that todays twentysomethings are too Quiet – hence the moniker Generation Q. I get his point, but it seems to me that quiet is a strength that is easily underestimated.

Cable And DSL Companies Are Going To Love This…

Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros. and MGM are teaming up with BitTorrent to provide better downloading using P2P. That’s good. But cable and DSL companies are shutting down users who use too much bandwidth. You see, their business model assumes that most users use their internet connection only occasionally, not full time. It will be interesting […]

Skype 8401 Error

I was stumped for a moment by this error on the Mac. It turns out that the simple solution is to sign out, and then sign in again.The same goes for the SPH200D when it is not able to skype-out. Just sign out and then sign in again.

Bittorrent for Leopard and Apple TV?

Bittorrent for Leopard and Apple TV? Carl Howe thinks so.]