by Thomas Beutel

Month: July, 2008

Lava lamps for programming

I just love this idea: integrating lava lamps to Cruise Control so that you can see when a software build has gone bad. The idea is to turn on a red lava lamp when the build failed, otherwise turn on a green one. Cool!

Symfony project menus for Emacs

After reading the Productive Programmer, I was inspired to write a custom script to add Symfony menus to my Emacs editor. After some frustration (I find emacs LISP tough to grok), I finally figured it out. (script is below) Anyway, here are a couple of pictures showing custom menus for a small project. This allows […]

British Motors installs 287 KW solar roof in San Francisco

It’s enough to power 80 homes in SF and it offsets 14 million pounds of carbon over its lifetime, according to this Marketwatch article.

Crowds Overwhelm GoSolarSF Fair, Everyone Wants Solar

I spent some time this afternoon speaking with various solar installers at the GoSolarSF fair at the Eureka Valley rec center. To say the fair was crowded would be an understatement. I wasn’t able to speak to most of the installers–the crowds were too deep. It’s fantastic to see this amount of interest in solar. […]

A SproutCore example by Johannes Fahrenkrug

Johannes Fahrenkrug wrote a nice tutorial on building an OpenSocial app with SproutCore.

The Productive Programmer Book

I just finished reading the Productive Programmer and I really like the suggestions, such as SLAP (single level of abstraction). The book isn’t language specific, but it is Java-heavy in the examples. Still, everything is adaptable to other languages. There is now also a wiki for the book.

Fix Margins in IE6 with jQuery

IE6’s well known margin problems can be solved many ways, such as using CSS that only IE6 will read. I like to use CSS and jQuery as follows: CSS: #wrapper  {   margin: 0 auto;   width: 800px;   …  }  .wrapperie6  {   width: 810px !important; /* compensate for IE6 */  } and the […]

I’m back

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something. A part of that was the decision to move away from my custom blog code (mostly XSLT based, believe it or not!) to something much easier, WordPress. In the process I moved all of my old posts over, but I lost all the links. Oh […]