by Thomas Beutel

A SproutCore example by Johannes Fahrenkrug

Johannes Fahrenkrug wrote a nice tutorial on building an OpenSocial app with SproutCore.

The Productive Programmer Book

I just finished reading the Productive Programmer and I really like the suggestions, such as SLAP (single level of abstraction). The book isn’t language specific, but it is Java-heavy in the examples. Still, everything is adaptable to other languages. There is now also a wiki for the book.

Fix Margins in IE6 with jQuery

IE6’s well known margin problems can be solved many ways, such as using CSS that only IE6 will read. I like to use CSS and jQuery as follows: CSS: #wrapper  {   margin: 0 auto;   width: 800px;   …  }  .wrapperie6  {   width: 810px !important; /* compensate for IE6 */  } and the […]

I’m back

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something. A part of that was the decision to move away from my custom blog code (mostly XSLT based, believe it or not!) to something much easier, WordPress. In the process I moved all of my old posts over, but I lost all the links. Oh […]