by Thomas Beutel

Tips and hacks for Kindle has over 100 tips, tricks and hacks for your Kindle. My favorite tip is how to put your own reference content on the Kindle – I have over 300 pages on a personal Wiki that I would want to transfer.

Getting published on Kindle

I just discovered a nice in-depth article by Pat B Doyle titled Publish an Ebook in Amazonâ??s Kindle Book Store!. It includes a 8-point guide that includes formatting tips, setting up search terms, and how to prepare a product image. I’m looking forward to following this advice for a book that I’m working on.

Brand new steam engine built in Britain

This is totally cool… a brand new steam engine was just completed in Britain and is undergoing testing. They used parts fabricated all around the world since the skills of making a steam engine in one place have disappeared. The group I’m working with, San Francisco Trains is working to preserve both a steam engine […]