It’s like deviantART meets the App Store

by Thomas Beutel

mayhemJohn Fort over at the Big Tech Fortune blog writes about Tyrese Gibsonâ??s Mayhem which is the first digital book for sale on iTunes 9. This strikes me as something that would interest the deviantART community of digital artists and writers. Imagine selling your artistic creations to millions of iTunes users for $0.99 a pop, just as iPhone app writers have been doing at the App Store. Good for artists. Good for Apple.

John mentions that the tools to create the e-book is based on standard web tech: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My guess is that some day, not too long from now, we will see something like Pages (or maybe GarageBand) for iTunes where you can create your own digital creations and submit them to the iTunes store. It will probably dwarf the App Store in total volume.

Update: ReadWriteWeb has more to say about this.