Ocean Beach Striper Fishing – Part 1

by Thomas Beutel

I fished for a little over an hour at Ocean Beach around high tide. It was my first time using a fish finder rig and sand crabs, so it was mostly a learning mission. I saw about 20 other anglers fishing bait, presumably sand crabs as well and one of them pulled out a dandy of striper. It must have been at least 10 pounds.

What I did learn was: 1) casting into the wind is a challenge; 2) standing in the wind is more of a challenge; and 3) bring a container for sand crabs. Finding the sand crabs was easy enough. I have a small bait net that use the surf to scoop them up. I even found a couple softshell crabs among them.

I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I’m going to wear another layer to stay warm and also bring something for my ears.