One Month of Blog Posts

by Thomas Beutel

I managed to post one post per day for a month. I’m really happy with this milestone. I can’t say that each post was long or weighty, but that wasn’t the point for me. My goal was just to post something each day, either an observation, an assertion or a prediction.

The purpose of this was simply to do get my thoughts out and to do it every day. What I found is that the first 20 or so posts just came out. At one point I was a couple of posts ahead so I wrote them in my personal notebook (I use Scrivener for that) and then posted them the day after I wrote them.

The more recent posts came more reluctantly. I was blocked for a bit but then I just opened up WordPress and started writing. And once a few words came out, the rest were right there. I guess that is my biggest learning. Just start, and the rest of the post will almost write itself.