SF Giants Losing Streak

by Thomas Beutel

It’s a total bummer that the Giants are on a really bad losing streak, but I still like to watch.

We went to yesterday’s game (Mets 8 Giants 2). I’m ever the optimist, my glass is always more than half full. There were plenty of little victories that we could celebrate. A nice 4-6-3 double play, some walks, a couple great catches in the outfield, a couple RBIs by Posey. Plus a great view from View Reserve left. I don’t ask for much.

Something happened last year at the All-star break. Who knows what it was. Was it Duffy? Maybe a bit? But I think something bigger happened. I think that just enough players were new enough that they haven’t had a chance to grow into the job.

It feels to me like the Giants shoes are too big too fill at the moment. The players are being held to a lofty standard – yes, three wins in 5 years will do that. But I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to shrink those shoes so they fit. Let the players be who they are.