by Thomas Beutel

Category: Media

For-Profit Do-Gooders

Economist magazine has a great article on for-profit activism and mentions both and Virgance. 1BOG helped me get a solar panel system last year and I’m am still delighted with how well the whole process went. Thank you again 1BOG and congrats to you and Virgance!

Hey AT&T, Where Is My Text Message From Obama?

I woke up this morning, my beauty sleep totally uninterrupted by that loud car honk sound I had selected on my iPhone for text messages. OK I admit it, I already heard the big news last night. But still… what happened? I know that it must be you. It sometimes takes two hours or more […]

Why Are Cables/Telcos Shaking In Their Boots Over WiMAX?

I saw an interesting demonstration recently of WiMAX (specifically the mobile version, 802.16e) and needless to say, I am impressed. The demo should consistent data rates exceeding 10 megabits/sec in a moving vehicle. The kicker was that upstream speed was better than 2 megabits/sec. Talk about disruption in the marketplace! This far exceeds 3G of […]

Getting published on Kindle

I just discovered a nice in-depth article by Pat B Doyle titled Publish an Ebook in Amazonâ??s Kindle Book Store!. It includes a 8-point guide that includes formatting tips, setting up search terms, and how to prepare a product image. I’m looking forward to following this advice for a book that I’m working on.

Cable And DSL Companies Are Going To Love This…

Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros. and MGM are teaming up with BitTorrent to provide better downloading using P2P. That’s good. But cable and DSL companies are shutting down users who use too much bandwidth. You see, their business model assumes that most users use their internet connection only occasionally, not full time. It will be interesting […]