by Thomas Beutel

Category: Model Railroading

3-D Printed Netherlands Train Station in N-Scale

Jeroen used to print a three dimensional model of a train station. He has photos and a description of the pieces he received and how he is putting it together. I am totally jazzed by the possibilities of creating 3D models and having them printed like this.

Geeks of 3D website

Geeks3d is “All 3D Tech News, All The Time”, and they just covered the Shapeways announcement.

3D printing for model railroading?

Shapeways looks really interesting. According to Technology Review you upload a 3-D design to the website, and 10 days and $50-$100 later, you receive a polymer version of your design. I can see this as really handy for creating masters for items that I want to replicate in urethane or plaster, such as bridge parts […]

Sources for Mantua Steam Locomotives

Mantua locomotives are among my favorites. These locos were first produced in the 1940’s and 50’s and are tough and reliable. Here are a couple resources for locos and parts. Loco kits – Parts and remotoring – Remotoring –