by Thomas Beutel

Category: Programming

RSSCloud: No need to adjust your firewall

I’ve been following the recent development of RSSCloud with interest… I think it has the potential to replace Twitter in the long term, although I suspect that Twitter might also evolve in the direction of RSSCloud. One misconception about RSSCloud is the supposed need for the cloud to notify the desktop or mobile reader of […]

Using jQuery and Prototype together while avoiding the dreaded element.dispatchEvent error

Here is what I do to avoid the dreaded “element.dispatchEvent is not a function” error. I load jQuery first, Prototype second, and then I use jQuery( ) instead of $( ) for all my jQuery calls. <!– Set up jQuery and prototype together –> <script src=””></script> <script> google.load(“jquery”, “1.3.2”); google.load(“prototype”, “”); google.setOnLoadCallback(function() { jQuery(‘#helphide’).hide(); jQuery(‘#helpbutton’).click( […]

Using Skype to control a model train

Small wireless spy cameras are widely available, and there are even a few available specifically for HO-scale trains. This got me to thinking about letting my cousin in Germany run a train on my train layout, using Skype. Why not? Connecting the camera receiver to my laptop is easy and Skype allows you to select […]

Useless use of private variable in void context (Perl)

Can you see what is wrong with this Perl code snippet? foreach my $cat (@$categories) { if ($cat->{col} == $column and $cat=>{pos} == $position) { return $cat; } } It gets the “Useless use of private variable in void context” at the last brace. Well, it took me a while, but it was the equal […]

Lava lamps for programming

I just love this idea: integrating lava lamps to Cruise Control so that you can see when a software build has gone bad. The idea is to turn on a red lava lamp when the build failed, otherwise turn on a green one. Cool!

Symfony project menus for Emacs

After reading the Productive Programmer, I was inspired to write a custom script to add Symfony menus to my Emacs editor. After some frustration (I find emacs LISP tough to grok), I finally figured it out. (script is below) Anyway, here are a couple of pictures showing custom menus for a small project. This allows […]

A SproutCore example by Johannes Fahrenkrug

Johannes Fahrenkrug wrote a nice tutorial on building an OpenSocial app with SproutCore.

The Productive Programmer Book

I just finished reading the Productive Programmer and I really like the suggestions, such as SLAP (single level of abstraction). The book isn’t language specific, but it is Java-heavy in the examples. Still, everything is adaptable to other languages. There is now also a wiki for the book.