by Thomas Beutel

Getting Apple TV

Dave Murdock writes some answers to complaints about Apple TV.I think Apple TV is revolutionary too, but especially from the perspective of a video producer. It not just about consumption of video.

Apple TV S-Video Converter

Here is a component video to S-video converter that it being sold specifically for the Apple TV. I have not tried it.I think getting an HDTV is still the best way to go.

Apple TV on SDTV in Black and White

If you have a standard definition TV with a composite input, you CAN use the Apple TV, but only in black and white. Just simply connect a cable from the green (luma) component output to your yellow composite input and select 480i as the resolution.I mention this only for those folks (like me) who are waiting to receive their big beautiful flat-screen TV, but can’t wait to try out their new Apple TV. Just recognize that this is not a long term solution – who wants to see their iPhoto collection in black and white?

Yes, it’s GeekBrief TV, in glorious Greyscale!

Scripting News 10th Birthday

Scripting News will celebrate its 10th birthday on April 1. I’ve always been an avid reader, but the importance of the shift from mainstream news to blogs was really driven home to me on 9/11. Scripting News was the first place that I heard of the attacks. I remember vividly the small surreal picture of the smoking towers that Dave posted that day. As I read his post – at about 9:30 Pacific Time – my first reaction was to be mad at Dave for posting such mean-spirited joke. Just to make sure, I checked, which was not functioning at that point. That’s when the hairs on my back stood up, and I realized it was not a joke.It’s not unusual to learn news first from friends/family/acquaintances. But what hadn’t sunk in until then was that I really was going to Scripting News (and other blogs) first to find out what was really important in this world. Happy 10th Dave!

Apple TV Podcast Showcase

Apple has posted it’s Apple TV Podcast ShowcaseFree stuff to watch on your new Apple TV.

Jeff Jarvis on Von TV

A very interesting speech by Jeff Jarvis where he says about media in the days of the big 3 networks: “… the grand shared national experience is gone and I don’t lament it for a moment.”Excellent!

A Cool Way To Advertise Your Product

Give all your employees the latest hot consumer gadget and then blog about it.Axosoft makes “the world’s most advanced defect, feature and incident management system” according to the blog post.OK, cool.

And the Winner of the First Annual AppleTV Awards is: PBS

Ever since podcasting got its big boost in May of 2005, I’ve been listening more and more to NPR’s “free” content.And less to everything else. NPR has wholeheartedly embraced podcasting, and I suspect that in spite of concerns from local stations, it was an easier choice for them to make than, let’s say, a media company encumbered by the need monetize the content.After all, I and many other NPR listeners still send in our pledges, even when all our content comes through a set of white earbuds.I think the NPR/iPod effect is one of the least reported and least understood aspects of the iTunes universe.I’m looking for the PBS/AppleTV effect to be just as important, if not more.Many commentators are asking if AppleTV is worth it. What counts as entertainment is different for different people, I suppose.For me, the fact that many PBS shows are available for free is very compelling. If PBS is willing and able to follow NPR’s lead in providing it’s content for free on iTunes, it could make a big impact on what gets watched on all the new AppleTVs soon to be deployed in livingrooms across the land.And it would probably have a big impact on PBS too.

Pure Digital Camera Taking Blogging World By Storm

People are just loving the Pure Digital Camcorder – here is Ryan Welton gushing about his.RCA sells a version called the Small Wonder EZ105

Point and Shoot Camcorder

I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, but Pure Digital is making a Point and Shoot camcorder that is getting decent reviews. It apparently records up to 30 minutes of 640×480 MPEG4 video. It doesn’t upload wirelessly – yet – but based on this article it looks like their intent is to fill a void in the YouTube video creation market. Imagine how much easier it would be if this device had WIFI instead of USB. Throw in a fractional HTTP server too for that matter.