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Quick fix for “Expected token not present” in Apache2::Cookie

A client’s website of mine had been running fine for many years until a few weeks ago. Certain users of IE started getting this error: “Expected token not present” and were no longer able to login. My guess is that the design team switched some elements from Flash to HTML5/jQuery and introduced some bad cookie […]

Get the first N words with Javascript

Here’s how I get the first 20 words using a regular expression and the Javascript replace function. I place an ellipsis at the end to indicate that the sentence was shortened: var str1 = “Here is a sentence that just seems to go on and on. Here is a sentence that just seems to go […]

Daily Solar Tweets

I’m playing with a perl Net::Twitter app to see if I can tweet my solar production at the end of every day.

RSS Has Been Replaced By Twitter

I’ve been playing with Flipboard the past few days and a thought occurred to me. RSS has been replaced by Twitter. Flipboard is a compelling concept… it displays news from your Facebook account and any number of Twitter accounts in a magazine style format. That means large Helvetica headlines, easy to read Times content, and […]

Why tether? Just build iPad’s data plan into EVERY Apple product!

Now that the iPad 3G will come with the option of a month-by-month no-contract data plan, why not offer all Apple products with that option? I would buy a new MacBook in a heartbeat if it offered the same sort of data plan.

Just a post to test Zemanta

I’m trying out Zemanta using the Firefox plugin and just seeing how it works. Image via CrunchBase

Switching From Halogen to LED Lamps

Jeremiah Owyang switched out a high wattage halogen lamp with an LED version that is only 3W. The LED bulb is expensive, but it will save much more over its life. Just another example of how to use less energy withiout sacrificing quality of life.

The Model 271

I’m always interested one term can mean different things – polysemy – and now we have the Model 271 in the news. The Model 271 is the type of shoe that was thrown at our President as a sign of disrespect of him and of our country. Interestingly, the Model 271 is also: A baseball […]

Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary

Tim Mitchard has very interesting photo essay of the sea forts in the Thames Estuary.

One among many reasons to get solar

This is just one reason to get solar sooner rather than later: Carbon Is Building Up in Atmosphere Faster Than Predicted ( “The new statistics also underscore the growing contribution to the world’s “carbon budget” from rapidly industrializing countries such as China, India and Brazil. Developing nations have roughly doubled their carbon output in less […]