by Thomas Beutel

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Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary

Tim Mitchard has very interesting photo essay of the sea forts in the Thames Estuary.

One among many reasons to get solar

This is just one reason to get solar sooner rather than later: Carbon Is Building Up in Atmosphere Faster Than Predicted ( “The new statistics also underscore the growing contribution to the world’s “carbon budget” from rapidly industrializing countries such as China, India and Brazil. Developing nations have roughly doubled their carbon output in less […]

How much land area would $700B cover?

OK, this is pretty trivial, but I was wondering how much area would be covered by 700 Billion dollar bills if they were all laid next to each other, say in a big rectangle. Let’s play a game of powers-of-ten to get there. Given that each dollar bill is 2.61″ wide by 6.14″ long, seven […]

Tips and hacks for Kindle has over 100 tips, tricks and hacks for your Kindle. My favorite tip is how to put your own reference content on the Kindle – I have over 300 pages on a personal Wiki that I would want to transfer.


Is it just me, or do others hear the words “Foot Long” kosaurus in their imagination when they read the word Futalognkosaurus?

Generation Q

Tom Friedman writes that todays twentysomethings are too Quiet – hence the moniker Generation Q. I get his point, but it seems to me that quiet is a strength that is easily underestimated.

Skype 8401 Error

I was stumped for a moment by this error on the Mac. It turns out that the simple solution is to sign out, and then sign in again.The same goes for the SPH200D when it is not able to skype-out. Just sign out and then sign in again.

Bittorrent for Leopard and Apple TV?

Bittorrent for Leopard and Apple TV? Carl Howe thinks so.]

World Wise Beauty

Here is an interesting event coming up next year. I’m not sure to what extent it will interest life coaches, but the form to receive updates mentions coaching services.

Eight People Have Told Me I’m Getting $100 Back From Apple

Eight people and counting.That’s how many have told me that I’m getting $100 back (actually, $100 store credit) for purchasing my iPhone early.It seems to me that you can’t buy this sort of word-of-mouth. Or maybe, that IS the way to buy it.