by Thomas Beutel

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Chevy Volt Meets A123Systems

An interesting article at Edmunds talks about Chevy and A123Systems teaming up. “Weber said GM believes electric power is the only way to achieve the automaker’s goal of taking the automobile out of the environmental equation because it emits no emissions.”

Green Collar Jobs

Tom Friedman makes an interesting point about green collar jobs being less susceptable to offshoring.

Awakening the Eco-Soul

This is just a plug for Mary, a client of mine. She just started Awakening the Eco-Soul, a website for her book on soul types.

iPhone and Facebook, a Marriage Made In Heaven

Prof. John Gallauger of the Carroll School of Management ends his June 3 post on Facebook with a provocative thought: “…look for the inevitable iPhone/Facebook apps to transform the way we think about mobile computing.”I posted an idea for such an app yesterday — a mashup of Google map search and restaurant recommendations.While there is […]

iPhone Calamari, Facebook Style

When I ask my iPhone about nearby seafood restaurants, this is what I really want to know–what do my Facebook friends recommend?

New AACS “bug” fixed in a day

I know the title says New AACS “fix” hacked in a day, but shouldn’t it read like this:New AACS “bug” fixed in a day

What Will It Take To Get Your Video Network On Apple TV?

Now that YouTube occupies the #3 spot on Apple TV (just below Movies and TV Shows), what will it take for others to get a coveted spot in the top ten? Will we see as #4? What about OurMedia and Revver?And how about all those nifty channels on Democracy, with it’s emphasis on distribution […]

What I Like About Apple Investor News

What I like about Apple Investor News is the instant overview you get of the impact of Apple related news stories. Apple’s YouTube-on-Apple-TV announcement made a big splash, gaining comments far and wide in not only the blog-o-sphere but the MSM-o-sphere as well.The effect is easier to see on Apple Investor News than it is […]

Jobs Opens Door to 3rd Party Apps on iPhone, Just a Bit

Also at D 2007, Steve Jobs responds to a question about 3rd Party iPhone apps. He basically says that once they find a way to make sure security is preserved, they’ll do it.

Steve Jobs Hints At Adding Indies to iTunes

At D 2007, Steve Jobs drops a big hint about indies and iTunes.