What I Want To See In A Rowica Podcast Player

by Thomas Beutel

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Rowica* Podcast Player, so here is my two cents about it:I agree with Dave – it must be an RSS aggregator/podcatcher. If it is to aggregate consistently, it needs a charger/cradle. Whenever I’m not using it, it goes in the cradle and the batteries get charged while it captures podcasts from WIFI. The cradle can be anywhere – it’s not connected to any computer.There needs to be a deluxe version for those of us wanting to create and post our own podcasts. So put in a mic and some basic bumper music, and then let me upload.Have a website where I can adjust my subscriptions.There seems to be some confusion about the need for connectivity to a computer, ala iTunes via USB. Part of the reason that iTunes exists is to serve the needs of DRM’ed music. The Rowica doesn’t do DRM, so it doesn’t need something like iTunes. A website will do just fine.*Rojas-Winer-Calacanis