by Thomas Beutel

Month: January, 2007

Podcast Player Ideas

Dave compiled a list of podcast player features suggested by participants at the mobile identity workshop.


Walt Mossberg writes about Enso, a tool that let’s you type commands rather than use a mouse. It hijacks the caps-lock, which I have to admit I never use. Very cool – I’ll need to try this out.

The Audio Side of this CD Does Not Conform to CD Specifications

I haven’t bought a CD in a while – I’m buying my music on iTunes these days. But yesterday I picked up Weird Al’s Straight Outta Lynwood. It’s a Sony BMG dual disc. And in two places it says this:The audio side of this CD does not conform to CD Specifications and therefore not all […]

The Democrat Party

It nice to hear a number of mainstream news sources call out the President on his use of the phrase “the Democrat Party”. Perhaps if it is pointed out enough times it will change from being distasteful to just being silly, like the word “nukular”.

What Does It Mean To Discover?

Teller pens his thoughts on Columbus and what it means to discover.

Fractional HTTP in your TV

Dave has a post about fractional HTTP in your settop, and in your TV.Makes sense – fractional HTTP is the “remote control” of the new century. Done right, it will be scriptable too.

Little Mosque on iTunes?

CBC’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie” has been getting a lot of buzz with it’s debut this past week. Being stateside, I don’t have access to CBC television, so I’m hoping that they will release it on iTunes.If you also want to see it on iTunes, why not contact the CBC and let them know.

iPhone Hobbled By Smart Network

Steve Jobs gave a indication as to why the iPhone needs to remain a closed box. Namely:’You don’t want your phone to be an open platform,’ meaning that anyone can write applications for it and potentially gum up the provider’s network, says Jobs. ‘You need it to work when you need it to work. Cingular […]

Er, I Meant To Say Phone

I guess it’s time to drop the i and add the . After all, Apple already has the TV. By the way, the code for  is 

Just To Drive It Home

VC Michael Eisenberg chimes in on why he is disappointed with the closed nature of the iPhone.