by Thomas Beutel

Month: January, 2007

iPhone Euphoria Gives Way To Disappointment

Now that 24 hours have passed, some commentators have noted that the iPhone will not allow third party apps.It is of course, just a day after the annoucement and 5 months until it actually comes out. But it is interesting to guess why it might remain a closed box, at least in it’s first release.Did […]

D’oh! No Third Party Programming for the iPhone

Michael Gartenberg (via Scripting News) informs us that only Apple can extend the phone. Five guesses as to why:S – K – Y – P – EIf I have WIFI and I’m connected via WIFI, why would I run down my Cingular minutes?I hope that at least you will be able to upload widgets.

RSS Ideas for the iPhone

Still trying to take it all in, but here are some thoughts:Built-in WIFI/EDGE means I can get and create my news/podcasts/vodcasts everywhereBuilt-in camera – photoblogging! Just need a small app for thatRecord voice for podcastsConference call recording for podcast interviews? (legal issues?)Bluetooth means I can write blog entries – need a small compact keyboardSMS chats […]

Netgear Announces Set Top Box That Plays YouTube

Netgear announced their Digital Entertainer HD at CES and it plays YouTube content, among many others.Some questions come to mind:Does it do RSS? (apparently not)What must Big Media be thinking? (who cares)I think it is silly to offer a media device these days that does not do RSS straight out of the box.

Your TV Now Subscribes to RSS

Nial Kennedy writes about a new Sony TV that can subscribe to RSS. His comment? “Crazy!”Why yes, it is crazy. Let’s have more craziness like this. Anything to route around the mediocre fare on cable.

Skype Phone Review – Netgear SPH200D

Here’s my review of the just announced Netgear SPH200D cordless Skype phone. I had the opportunity to beta test it for about three months, and I’m really happy with it.