Legos of Love

by Thomas Beutel

Lego kits nowadays are pretty specific. They are made to be put together in a specific way to make a specific model. But the underlying premise of Lego is interchangeable parts. With these kits, it is still possible to put things together in different ways.

I think that these kits are a good analogy for how we are put together temperamentally. The interesting thing is what happens when we meet someone else. Do we insist on keeping our kit the same, the way we have always been, they way it seems we were put together? Or are we willing to rearrange ourself a bit?

The beauty of being in love is that we now have two kits and we are free to combine those kits in creative ways. As interesting and unique as we are as individuals, the relationship we build together will always be even more interesting and unique. But only if we free ourselves of the justness of our own kits and be willing to build something new in combination.