Ducks in the parking lot

by Thomas Beutel

We went shopping at Safeway yesterday and saw something unusual again – two mallard ducks, a male and a female sitting on the asphalt in one of the parking spots. I had seen this particular pair before a couple weeks ago, so they seem to like it here. You would think that this spot is about the least attractive place for ducks to hang out. Lots of cars and people, all concrete and asphalt, and at least a mile away from any lake or golf course or other wild area.

But here’s the thing… the ducks were sleeping. Their eyes were closed until we approached to take pictures. They must feel pretty comfortable to be sleeping with cars and people going by.

I have a hunch. This is a perfect place to snooze if you want to stay away from predators. I’ve seen a coyote a few months ago climbing a hill on Brotherhood Way, not too far from Safeway. So predators are around and they’re not just house cats. With all the people and traffic, the Safeway parking it probably the last place you will see a coyote.

I’m thinking those ducks are pretty clever.