by Thomas Beutel

Category: Miscellaneous

The Weather Forecast, SF Style

This is my favorite forecast. We posted it on our refrigerator many moons ago, but it works most of the time, especially out here in the Sunset district. I do remember growing up how dreary the fog could be, especially day after day if it happened during the school year, but especially during the summer. […]

Tidying the Dirty Dishes

I’m not sure why I do it, but I find myself organizing the dirty dishes on my table before I leave a restaurant. I even point the handle of the cups so that they will be easy to grab. I make up that the wait staff will appreciate my efforts to tidy up the table. […]

Bedtime Reading

I tend to read non-fiction more than fiction, especially late in the evening, and one of my favorite reading topics is seismology. There are many good books about it on my bookshelf and one of my favorites is Cascadia’s Fault by Jerry Thompson. It chronicles the research conducted in the 1980s that uncovered the true […]


I don’t watch a lot of TV these days. I spend a lot of time working, writing and creating Yes, I have been watching the NBA Finals and I do watch the occasional Giants game. But other than that, my media consumption consists primarily of podcasts and short fishing videos on youtube. But once in […]

Starlings in a meter box

Down the street where I live there is an old electrical meter box about 10 feet up on a telephone pole. It used to meter a cable box, bit it’s now unused and the round meter part is gone so it’s just an open hole with the plugs where the meter would plug in. I […]

Summer of Love

I had a nice evening with the family, first eating a delicious bowl of poke and then viewing the Summer of Love exhibition at the de Young. The displays were interesting, but it all felt somewhat strange. The energy and vibrancy of the cultural revolution barely trickle out of the posters and clothes on display, and everything […]

Ducks in the parking lot

We went shopping at Safeway yesterday and saw something unusual again – two mallard ducks, a male and a female sitting on the asphalt in one of the parking spots. I had seen this particular pair before a couple weeks ago, so they seem to like it here. You would think that this spot is […]

Things I Do to get Unstuck

I get to be creative every day in both my work and play and for whatever reason I sometimes lose that creative energy and get stuck. Being creative over many hours can be difficult, so over the years I’ve learnt variety of methods to unstick myself. Imagine starting This one is very effective for starting a […]

The Spark-Joy Heuristic

Marie Kondo suggests in her tidying book that we should look at all of our stuff all at once and only keep those things that still spark joy in our hearts. I’ve been thinking about this and I’m finding different ways to apply this, not just in service of tidying but in other areas as well. […]


I’ve been doing it now every day for a little over a week. Seth Godin says that after six weeks you will appreciate the benefits. It will change you because you will be thinking about the next topic to blog about. I think what he means is that it changes your perspective on the world […]