by Thomas Beutel

Category: Miscellaneous

Tinnitus lets me hear my heart

I’ve had a form of tinnitus for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why I have it. Genetic perhaps? Inner ear damage? Too many fevers as a kid? I don’t know. But it isn’t the type of tinnitus that is at all distracting. In fact I don’t really hear it unless I […]


A while ago I picked Marie Kondo’s book on tidying. I haven’t followed her prescriptions to the letter, but I have found her instructions to be immensely useful. The most important result that I have had is that once I tidy a room or space, it stays tidy. A big part of this is making […]

Is it a bus or a streetcar?

I have to admit that I get slightly annoyed when I hear someone say they’re taking the bus when they are talking about taking a streetcar. Don’t they know the difference between rubber tires and steel wheels? Yes, I know that when someone takes the bus, for them it is not really about the type […]

Brother HL-L2340DW, Windows 7 can’t see Airport Extreme wireless network

I was helping a friend install a new Brother HL-L2340DW laser printer today and I had a heck of a time getting the WIFI to work on it. All the Macs and my iPhone could see the wireless network just fine, but the printer and a Windows 7 laptop just didn’t see it, even though […]