by Thomas Beutel

Month: June, 2017

My favorite spot on the Redwoods and Pacific RR

When I planned the Redwoods and Pacific, I purposely built in many bridges. My favorite so far is this deck truss bridge. The bridge sits at the far end of a floor to ceiling canyon, so it isn’t one that I go up close to very often, but it is big enough to see well […]

Kitbashed Beet Gondola

A long time ago I won a Details Associates beet car at a PCR door raffle and it was only last year that I decided to put it together. It’s a wonderful kit, but it did take me several evenings to put it together. Now that I had one, I wanted a whole train of […]

The Weather Forecast, SF Style

This is my favorite forecast. We posted it on our refrigerator many moons ago, but it works most of the time, especially out here in the Sunset district. I do remember growing up how dreary the fog could be, especially day after day if it happened during the school year, but especially during the summer. […]

SF Giants Losing Streak

It’s a total bummer that the Giants are on a really bad losing streak, but I still like to watch. We went to yesterday’s game (Mets 8 Giants 2). I’m ever the optimist, my glass is always more than half full. There were plenty of little victories that we could celebrate. A nice 4-6-3 double […]

How quickly big tides change the bay

Two days ago I fished Crissy field early morning and the water was slightly murky. I had a decent bite and even had a small fish on – I’m guessing it was a halibut. I also saw someone pull a nice one out near the end of the wildlife area. Today however was so different. […]

Kitbashed Seafood Wholesale

I enjoy taking HO building kits and repurposing them. Here is one that I built for my seaside district. It’s a seafood wholesale building sitting on a pier over the water. I got the idea for this kitbash from Art Curren’s Kitbashing HO Model Structures book. It uses two Tyco Freight #7785 stations. As you […]

Tidying the Dirty Dishes

I’m not sure why I do it, but I find myself organizing the dirty dishes on my table before I leave a restaurant. I even point the handle of the cups so that they will be easy to grab. I make up that the wait staff will appreciate my efforts to tidy up the table. […]

Capitola Halibut

I had a splendid three hours today with Eli on a skiff out of Capitola Wharf. The crew there is fantastic and I highly recommend it. This is one of those operations where you load up the boat and then it is lowered into the water. Once it is in, you climb down a ladder […]

Adding special options to select using Vue.js

I get some interesting requests from my clients and some of them are head-scratchers. The beauty of Vue.js is that you can implement almost any behavior and do it fairly simply. In this case, the client wanted to swap in a different Act-On form via an iframe if a certain option was selected. Since the […]

Prevent default in Vue.js after checking value

Here is what I did to prevent a form submit based on a value. In this case, I’m checking to make sure a value is not blank. <form id=”myform” method=”post” v-on:submit=”onSubmit” action=”/path/to/form-handler”> methods: { onSubmit: function(e) { if(this.some_value == ”){ e.preventDefault(); return false; } return true; } },