by Thomas Beutel

Month: June, 2017

One Month of Blog Posts

I managed to post one post per day for a month. I’m really happy with this milestone. I can’t say that each post was long or weighty, but that wasn’t the point for me. My goal was just to post something each day, either an observation, an assertion or a prediction. The purpose of this […]

Athletic Socks Apparently Like Chrome Lures

I fished high tide again today at Ocean Beach. It was just as windy as yesterday but I dressed for it and was comfortable for the 2-1/2 hours I was there. There were fewer anglers today than there were yesterday and I didn’t see anyone catch anything. The only bite I got was on a […]

Ocean Beach Striper Fishing – Part 1

I fished for a little over an hour at Ocean Beach around high tide. It was my first time using a fish finder rig and sand crabs, so it was mostly a learning mission. I saw about 20 other anglers fishing bait, presumably sand crabs as well and one of them pulled out a dandy […]

Bedtime Reading

I tend to read non-fiction more than fiction, especially late in the evening, and one of my favorite reading topics is seismology. There are many good books about it on my bookshelf and one of my favorites is Cascadia’s Fault by Jerry Thompson. It chronicles the research conducted in the 1980s that uncovered the true […]

Multiple Open Graph Images in Act-On Landing Page

A client asked me today if there is any way to have multiple Open Graph (og:image) images in an Act-On landing page, as Act-On only specifies one image in their SEO section. I searched around a bit, but then I realized that it’s actually quite straightforward. Simply add the additional meta tags in the Javascript […]

Karl the Fog, Fishing Buddy

I go fishing twice a week, either at Crissy Field or Ocean Beach and I experience all varieties of weather. The other day it was just gorgeous! Not a cloud in sight, and the few wisps of fog disappeared as soon as the sun was up. It was warm, meaning that with all my layers […]


There always a first for everything. This morning I was fishing at Crissy Field for halibut, trying my best to get that bite which is ever so rare. It takes a bit of concentration. At first I fished a large 5-1/2 inch swimbait. I wasn’t getting any bites but it was casting real well and the […]


I don’t watch a lot of TV these days. I spend a lot of time working, writing and creating Yes, I have been watching the NBA Finals and I do watch the occasional Giants game. But other than that, my media consumption consists primarily of podcasts and short fishing videos on youtube. But once in […]

Starlings in a meter box

Down the street where I live there is an old electrical meter box about 10 feet up on a telephone pole. It used to meter a cable box, bit it’s now unused and the round meter part is gone so it’s just an open hole with the plugs where the meter would plug in. I […]

Summer of Love

I had a nice evening with the family, first eating a delicious bowl of poke and then viewing the Summer of Love exhibition at the de Young. The displays were interesting, but it all felt somewhat strange. The energy and vibrancy of the cultural revolution barely trickle out of the posters and clothes on display, and everything […]